3D Scanning Services

How Can Our 3D Scanning Services Support You?

We have been providing 3D Scanning Services for over 15 Years. Our non contact 3D Scanners range from structured light through to Metrology grade laser scanners. 

Accuracy varies dependent on the part size and and a number of other factors but our Metrology grade scanners are calibrated in the region of plus/minus 20microns.

We are able to offer on site 3D Scanning (business customers only) & scanning at our offices.

All 3d scanned digital data is supplied in STL format enabling you to view it in any cad system.

Part sizes range from a small gear approximately 80mm diameter through to an HGV chassis.

Parts with different finishes can result in the need to use scanning spray but this is normally only when scanning items such as glass etc.

There are too many areas/sectors in which 3D Scanning can be utilised/capitalised on to highlight because there are so many. However, we have listed a few below to give you some idea.

If you’d like to discuss your project in further detail and unlock the power and versatility of 3D Scanning, please feel free to contact us. 

3D Scanning Services
Precision Parts

What is 3D Scanning

3D scanning is the process of capturing a real world object using lasers or structured light technology and digitising the data of the item into a 3 dimensional object.
From this, the digitised object can be used in a number of ways. One favoured route is to Reverse Engineer the digitised information into 3D CAD data which will then be used to manufacture a new part.

Types of 3D Scanning

When considering 3D scanning Services, there are several options available: structured light, laser scanning, macro scanning, and CT scanning. In most cases, structured light or laser scanning are sufficient. Laser scanning provides higher tolerance solution for machined parts, but comes at a higher cost. CT scanning is better suited for objects like cylinder heads, although it is constrained by material density and thickness.

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