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We discuss your requirements in greater vdetail. There may be elements you've not even considered at this stage but it's important to discuss them, and along the way, we may make suggestions to enhance or improve the project output.

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At our company, crafting effective solutions for your business is always our top priority. We firmly believe that understanding your unique needs and challenges is crucial in order to deliver the most comprehensive and tailored strategies.

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Efficiency is key to most business success and ours is no different, that's why is critical that we have a clear strategy and scope of work in order to serve your project and give you the very best results possible.

3D CAD Design Services

As a 3d mechanical CAD design services company we can provide you and your team with the support you need.

Utilising our product design and development services avoids the time consuming efforts associated with hiring new staff and also allows you to concentrate your core team where they are most needed, leaving us to fill the gaps in your programs in areas such as current product design modifications.. 

We have provided 3d mechanical design services to a number of sectors across the UK & Europe with the UK Defence sector being at the centre of these services since 1998, and at present we utilise the latest 3D Design software in the form of Solidworks & Creo, so if you are looking for Product Engineering & Design Services, why not contact  us for an informal chat to see how we may be able to help you?

We are also a 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering service provider utilising the latest 3D blue laser scanning technology. Why not take a more in-depth look at this or any of our other services. 

3D CAD Design
CAD Design

CAD Design - Product Design Support

Aside from our product engineering and design services, we provide assistance for product design. Essentially, we can and will join forces with your in-house design team if you have one to handle routine tasks that may be diverting their focus from your new product design. Additionally, you can entrust us with your design specifications, and we will take it from there. Over the past two decades, we have offered product design support to various tier 1-3 companies in industries such as Rail, Defence, Automotive, and Medical.

Our support ranges from generating simple manufacturing drawings to complete component/assembly design. Utilizing a collaborative web platform, our Technicians and Engineers are readily available to assist customers. We adhere to your guidelines, including standards for drawing production and modeling practices, to ensure a smooth process.

Working in milestone-driven increments helps mitigate risks and delays, preventing projects from stalling unexpectedly. By partnering with us, you retain the flexibility to bring aspects of the project back in-house when your Engineers/Designers become free. Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation discussion to explore how we can support your project.

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