Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering Services

Embrace the power of Reverse Engineering for your next project.

Reverse Engineering services are becoming more prevalent across many sectors. This is because there are distinct dvantages in utilising 3d scanning & reverse engineering in helping businesses bring products to market sooner.

Manufacturers are also using We have extensive experience in Reverse Engineering Projects, ranging from formula 1 through to medical devices.

Reverse Engineering involves taking the digitised 3D scan data and reproducing it in 3D CAD format. It’s also an opportunity to interrogate the 3D scan data and not only analyse what’s required to Reverse Engineer your part but also analyse the design itself.

Our Reverse Engineering services can provide you with either step file format or Solidworks, Creo or even NX formats.

Obviously step format is dumb, while reverse engineering into a native cad format allows you to modify part data at a later date with very little effort.

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